Our portfolio of graphic design examples is the tip of the iceberg!

Whatever your business we can help you stand out from the crowd!

Gosh Golly has an extremely varied client base, ranging from motorbike training schools to accountants, from sole traders to large corporates, from dog walkers to security companies to name but a few, and this is reflected in our portfolio.

Click on the links below to look at some examples of our work. If you are looking for something specific and it’s not there, chances are we have done something similar, so get in touch and we can have a chat about what you have in mind. We are not afraid of taking on new and different projects too, in fact, the more unusual the better! So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, would like to see more examples or like what you see, please get in touch on 01530 564266 and we’d love to chat!


Clover Conservatories

Advertising, large format, print

BritSec Security

Branding, vehicles, print


Brand, print, exhibitions, advertising


Branding, print, advertising, large format, stationery

Moto Gymkhana

Branding, advertising, large format, print, stationery


Branding, advertising, stationery, forms

Toybox Specialist Cars

Branding, large format, exhibitions, advertising, online, stationery, print, website


Branding, advertising, large format, print, stationery

Gosh Golly Limited
Gosh Golly Limited2 days ago

Guess the brand: The red colour represents vitality and the yellow stands for happiness, richness and prosperity!

Gosh Golly Limited
Gosh Golly Limited5 days ago

Guess the brand: I am expecting my husband to get this straight away!

Gosh Golly Limited
Gosh Golly Limited5 days ago

Friday's Quick Tip:
I get asked what is the difference between digital and litho printing quite often so I thought I would share these pointers: Digital print is much cheaper on smaller quantities, but when it gets to 2000+ litho becomes more cost effective....

Gosh Golly Limited
Gosh Golly Limited5 days ago

"A beautiful design is not a product of great imagination or a result of an idea. Rather, it is a product of carefully plotted design elements chosen to create a visual representation of the idea and the imagination..." http://ow.ly/HEZv30k0pyx

Gosh Golly Limited
Gosh Golly Limited6 days ago

People ask what sort of graphic design do I do... as well as the obvious logos, literature and digital stuff, I design these decals for Westfield Sports Cars #allinadayswork #varietyisthespiceoflife #ToyboxSpecialistCars #Westfields

Gosh Golly Limited
Gosh Golly Limited7 days ago

I have been designing for Sharon Rooke for nearly ten years - we live a few counties away from each other now but keeping in touch is not a problem #distancenoobject